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2021 VPT Contest:

2021 Venmurasu Programming Contest was the first contest conducted at PSG Tech, after we formally created the endowment fund. This year the contest was open to all circuit branch students (CSE, ECE, EEE, IT) and we hope that in upcoming years the contest will be open to all students of PSG Tech.

You can find the details about the contest here

Goal of the contest is to help the students understand NLP lifecycle. We provided the English and Tamil versions of ten chapters from Indian Epic Mahabharatham. The English version is from Kisari Mohan Ganguly’s Mahabharatham (1883-1896). The Tamil version is from S.Arutselva Perarasan‘s Mahabharatham (2013-2020), whose translation is actually based on Ganguly’s work.

The contest is to cleanup the content, align them sentence-by-sentence, then using AI4Bharat’s IndicNLP models attempt to translate the Tamil version into English, then compare the original English version with the machine-translated version.


Thanks to PSG Tech faculty Dr.S.Sarathambekai and Dr.T.Vairam for creating the poster.

The contest was announced as part of a webinar – Introduction to Natural Language Processing delivered by Mahendrarajan Chandrasekaran. You can find the slides here

200+ students registered for the tech talk, 175+ turned up for the talk. 9 teams signed up to participate and 6 teams submitted their code.

Judges for the contest 2021:

Mahendrarajan Chandrasekaran, VP Engineering, Data Cloud, Canada
Gokul NC, Machine Learning Engineer, One Fourth Labs, India
Prem Selvaraj, Machine Learning Engineer, One Fourth Labs, India

Thank you Arun Ranganathan, Engineering Manager, Paypal, San Jose for sponsoring the contest.

Evaluation Criteria:

Task Completion – Code runs without errors – 10%
Quality – Sentences aligned correctly(If 1-n sentences are not mapped it’s fine) – 20%
Machine translation – 30%
BLEU Score – 20%
Code Quality – Code with comments and readme – 20%
Bonus sections


Based on the evaluation criteria the results are below:

First prize: 6000

TG Ashwin Kumar @tgashwinkumar
Jeyam Palaniappan D @jeyam03
Samyuktha M S @samyuktha-12
Sashti Amar R A @John-Tenning
Suvan Sathyendira B @suvanbalu
code: https://github.com/John-Tenning/VPC-Contest

Second prize: 3 teams – 4000 each

Tharunkumar Dhanasekaran @TharunPSG
Kavin Aravindhan R
Manuvikash S @IcyEnigma
Sharan S S @Sharan-121
code: https://github.com/IcyEnigma/VenmurasuKMST
Web Application: https://streamlitvpfinal.herokuapp.com/

Ashwin R @ashwin-rema
Bala Bharat Raaj G S
Sairam Vaidya M @sairam2661
Gokula Krishnan S @GokulaKrishnanS2002
Siva Bharathwaaj S S
code: https://github.com/sairam2661/Venmurasu-Project-1

Akil R M @Akil-Rajendran
Gokulnath P K
Prithik Kumar R
Sanjay Krishnan R
Shevannth R
code: https://github.com/Akil-Rajendran/VPT-Contest

Third prize: 2 teams – 1000 each

Aathithya S
Ajay P
Deepak Pandian A
John Alphonse Raja V @johncoder-30
code: https://github.com/johncoder-30/vpc-nlp-translation

Dinesh C
Harishankar S
Srinivasan K
code: https://github.com/AkashSCIENTIST/venmurasu-competition-solution

Congratulations to all the winners!!!